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The Coaching and leadership Professional Training Institute

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The Coaching and Leadership Professional Training Institute is a Nationally Certified Organization that has trained over hundreds of Life and Business Certified Coaches across the country, in Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and The Virgin Islands. Through research-based practices Businesses, School Districts, and Social Service Agencies have experienced tremendous growth as they incorporate the principles of creating a healthy work environment that leads to motivated, empowered, appreciated, engaged and productive employees and the achievement of organizational goals. 

There are thousands of coaching clients and organizations in search of personal and professional development. The market is wide open. What is needed are qualified trained professionals to overcome the hidden barriers that connect with the lucrative and fulfilling opportunities available.

Dr. Johnson has developed a theory known as Integrational Law which combines knowledge gained from Egyptian Philosophy, World Religions, Greek Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience. This innovative success strategy recognizes the body-mind-spirit dynamics of positive thinking and how to use them to help catalyze change for clients. 


Resa O'Reilly

Founder and President of Project Promise, The Caterpillar Project- St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Resa has made her dream a reality by creating a program that holistically helps at-risk youth in St. Croix. 

Dwayne D. Williams

Founder and CEO of Tier 1 Educational Coaching and Consulting

Learn more about the difference Tier 1 Educational Coaching and Consulting Firm is making in the lives of teachers, students, and community members across the nation.

Jonni Lukenbill-Bowles

Sage Praire Studio

Jonni coaches amazingly creative clients who are seeking direction with life and career transitions, focusing on their strengths and finding powerful positive solutions. Learn more about Jonni's powerful signature series: Lighten Your Load: The Where-Why-How of your Next Success.

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...Meet Dr. Johnson

Dr. Derrick Johnson is a Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) National and International Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer for Businesses, School Districts, and Social Service Agencies. He has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, credentials as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified Coach, and has an Advanced Certificate in Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy.

Dr. Johnson Has been an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Loyola University, Concordia University, Chicago State University, and The University of Havana in Cuba. He has taught classes in Human Development, Motivation, Personality, Research Methodology, and Organizational Leadership.  In addition, he is the Founder and CEO of two Organizations that promote Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Restructuring. Youth and Family Guidance Inc. partners with School Districts, The Department of Children and Family Services, and The Department of Corrections to provide training for the staff and therapeutic services for the clients. 

Finally, Dr. Johnson has provided therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, for over 25 years. Specializing in Depression, Bi-Polar, PTSD, Anxiety, and ADHD he has learned a great deal on how to coach and motivate individuals to become uplifted, empowered and inspired to meet their personal and professional goals.